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NY and CA based creative agency. Photography, videography, retouching, animation, vfx.

2013 - 2022 Maier Product Photography


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New York advertising photography

Our advertising photography experience includes works for major worldwide ad agencies such as McCann, BBDO, DDB, etc., and companies as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Bud, Nestle, Unilever, and many others. Some of our works has been published in Luerzer's Archive - 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide book.

High-end retouching

Our exceptional retouching skills is one more reason to work with us. Commercial photography wouldn�t be at where it is right now without new image editing techniques. We�ve been doing advertising photography retouching since 2004 and there�s no impossible tasks for us today. Anything that could be imagined could be done by us.

3D visualization, CGI

Everything we�ve learnt about lighting through all these years we successfully use in 3D. If you need you product to be rendered and placed in a photographic environment we will model it, create materials, recreate the same lighting as on the image your product to be placed on and nobody could ever see your product wasn�t actually shot on the location. Or if you�d like to shoot your product and place it in a fictional yet photorealistic environment we can do it either.